Monday, April 30, 2012

Day I Geislor Trip Veiled Lady in Wood

First day was very long, cramming to finish the clay model. Worked through the lunch break and after dinner. The clay model is half the size that the wood carving will be. Wood should be glued and ready to hack into this morning. This is going to be a challenge. Thanks to Raffaelo Monti for the inspiration.
This is the original sculpture in Marble by Raffaelo Monti.
Wood armature for sculpture. Head can pivot so as to play around with head positioning.
Finished Clay Model

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  1. Hi, this veiled woman is by Giovanni Strazza. I only know because a friend posted a picture of this on FB (attributed to Bernini), and I was smitten with gossamer fabric carved out of marble so I started to try to find more info about the sculpture.
    Where is your finished piece? I would love to see the rest of this project.