Friday, May 4, 2012

Geislor Trip Day IV & IV Veiled Lady

Day IV was a turn the corner day but very late in the day. Day V, on the other hand, was the day it all started coming together. I'm down to the final rasping and finishing stages. I discussed the final finish with Pascal and told him I had done a little research on the original carver of the this veiled lady in stone. Monti (the sculptor) would leave a duller finish on areas that were in shadow and put a high polish on areas that were closer to the surface of the body. Pascal recommended rasping over the whole thing and then using a sanding and burnishing technique to put the final surface on it. Once I am finished I'll give it a good coat of wax and buff it up.
This is the carving at the end of Day IV. Lots of refinements left.
Ed is moving along. Very complicated piece.

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