Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Year's Week in Elbigenalp 123009

The figure is well on it's way now. No major blunders, as of yet. Pascal, of course, is great and he is always willing and able to get you out of trouble and demonstrate techniques for you. Today I got the face roughed in and started the drapery. Pascal demonstrated on an area for me showing me how to start by using the skew chisel, followed by and assortment of other tools. The goal here is to simplify what you see in the actual fabric, going first for the major lines. He explained how one would put more detail into areas that were under tension, and contrast that with softer lines and less detail for the areas that are not as compressed. You learn a lot by just watching how he maneuvers the tools and his choice of tools depending on where and what you are working on. I've posted several pictures of today's progress.

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